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5 Ways Cannabis Helps Build Immunity

The immune system comprises the cellular machinery and chemical reactions that initiate protective responses. Also, cells like WBCs act as the main line of defense after the pathogenic attacks. If you wish to stay away from diseases, you must consume immune-boosting foods to keep the immunity functional. Along with this, seek reliable natural therapies to ensure a well-functioning and effective immune system. One of the best treatments to provide the salubrity of your immunity is cannabis. It acts upon the endocannabinoid system to keep the microbial attacks, pain, and inflammation at bay.

Here are the top ways in which cannabis can enhance your immune system’s functions and ensure well-being.


1.   Can Increase Natural Killer Cells


The immune system functions with the help of some cells like monocytes, neutrophils, and others. Also, each type of cell takes care of particular body functions and prevents microbial attacks. One of the immune cells, i.e., Natural Killer cells, curb the viral infections up to a great extent. It belongs to the innate immune system and comes under the category of effector cells. In case the levels of NK Cells reduce, your body becomes prone to the attacks of various viruses. Also, it takes a toll on your ability to curb the tumors and neoplastic growths.

You can use the therapeutic benefits of cannabis to increase the production of NK cells. It stimulates the brain receptors and enhances the reservoir of WBCs up to a great extent. As a result, it restores your ability to get rid of tumor-stimulating agents and viral load. Get your hands on cannabis online and utilize the anti-viral aid.

2.   Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Do you experience frequent redness, rashes, and painful sensations without any definitive reason? If yes, then you might be suffering from an inflammatory condition related to the body. Some inflammatory disorders like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and dermatitis lead to excessive pain, swelling, and erythema around the skin. Also, it accelerates the inflammatory responses and might induce an exaggerated reaction in your body. You must seek adequate natural treatment to curb the symptoms without any hassles.

Cannabis can reduce the signs of inflammation and relieve pain, inflammatory reactions, and red skin. It may stimulate the brain tissue and prevent the pathways that lead to inflammatory responses. Further, it also brings the immune responses back to normal and strengthens immunity.

3.  May Regulate Gut Microbiota


Apart from the immune system, your gastrointestinal system also regulates the immune responses. Gut microbiota is a collection of bacterias, archaebacteria, and fungi that take care of immunomodulation. Along with this, it prevents the gastric mucosa from fragmentation and dissolution. With a healthy gut flora, you can keep the pathogens and gut endothelium in check. Due to the immunosuppression, your gut flora might reduce or disappear. Further, it causes a lack of immune responses and induces intestinal infections. You can go for the holistic therapy options to curb the menace of intestinal gut dysbiosis and related ailments.

With cannabis by your side, you can increase the gut microbe levels without any hassles. It works on the endocannabinoid system and supports the intestinal microbiota. Along with this, the endocannabinoids show promising results in preventing intestinal inflammatory responses.

4.   Can Alleviate Stress

Professional load and hectic work routine might induce mental stress and cognitive impairment. With an increase in the stress levels, the physiological responses related to the endocrine system change up to a great extent. It leads to a rise in the levels of stress hormones like cortisol. Further, the abundance of cortisol takes a toll on the immune responses and reduces the immune functions. You are likely to catch opportunistic infections often due to emotional stress and anxiety.

Make sure to use cannabis supplements to curb the stress reactions and bring the immune functions back to normal. It stimulates receptors like CB1 & CB2 present in the brain and enhances the reticuloendothelial system’s functions. Along with this, cannabidiol present in the extracts might alleviate panic attacks, restlessness, and flashbacks.

5.   May Enhance Sleep Quality

One of the best ways to enhance your immunity and keep the pathogenic infections in control is a healthy sleep cycle. During the sleeping hours, your body recovers and replenishes the micro-injuries and muscular fragmentations. However, lack of sleep might reduce the immune responses and related functions. Also, it decelerates your body’s ability to ward off the harmful bacterias and makes you prone to diseases. In case you suffer from a lack of sleep, you must take the essential steps to keep the immune functions intact. With cannabis therapy, you can rectify the disturbances in your sleep cycle.

Cannabis contains the potent endocannabinoids that act on the pineal gland. Further, it may also increase the hormones like melatonin that take care of the biological clock. That way, you achieve a refreshing, appealing, and satisfactory bedtime.

Bottom Line

Natural therapy is quite effective in alleviating the ailments without any side-effects. It curbs the symptoms in a gentle, holistic, and reliable manner. You must look out for reliable therapy options to stay away from lifestyle disorders and microbial infections. Also, cannabis therapy can help in strengthening the immune system and prevent pathogenic attacks. It leads to an increase in the gut microbiota and accelerates the functions of Natural killer cells. Not to forget, the cannabis extract can also improve sleep and alleviate stressful reactions in no time.



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Guest Blog Writer: Jenny D, CBD News

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