Muscle Balm & Gua Sha Package


Muscle Balm & Gua Sha Package


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Do you have an A-type person in your life? A stressed out mama bear or a hard working provider? Our massage gift set has everything you need to treat your loved one like the blessing they are.

The gift set includes an attractive Aventurine acupressure wand for easing up tense muscles and relaxing pressure points, an Aventurine Gua Sha tool used to break up fascia and muscle adhesion’s, our Muscle Balm with menthol for use on chronically achy spots.


  • 1x 200mg Muscle Balm
  • 1x Natural Aventurine Stone Accu-pressure Wand
  • 1x Natural Aventurine Gua Sha Massage Tool

Directions for use

Apply muscle balm to the area you would like to work on, massage in lightly with your hands to warm up the muscles. Remember you want to ease into the massage so your loved one can drop into a relaxed state of mind. Take your time! When you find an area that has a knot, use the wand as you would your finger to apply pressure and hold it there until the muscle releases. Listen to your partner’s feedback about pressure, you want them to feel the wand but it should not hurt! It may take up to a full minute for a muscle to release, breathing slowly and deeply, inhaling through the nose and out through the mouth can help. Again take your time! The more time you invest into the massage, the better the results. Today is the day to give the gift of your time and attention.

Next, lubricate the area with muscle balm and hold the gua sha tool in your hand like a scraper, apply medium-firm pressure on the body or light-medium pressure on the face and scrape the area briskly until the skin “blushes”. This is the result of blood coming to the area which helps to heal the muscle. Note that the skin may remain blushed for up to 24 hours if you press firmly, so consider your weekend plans before applying gua sha to visible areas. There are tons of videos on Youtube with gua sha technique and ideas!

Finally, we recommend ending the massage with some traditional relaxing strokes with your hands. Nothing feels better than your loved one’s touch on your relaxed body.

This set is also great for recovery after the gym or reducing adhesion’s from old injuries.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua sha is a natural, alternative therapy that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to improve your circulation. This ancient Chinese healing technique may offer a unique approach to better health, addressing issues like chronic pain. Many people swear by it for relief from chronic tightness.

Our Massage tools: Both tools are handmade from adventurine stone which comes in shades of beautiful meadow green. Adventurine has naturally occurring veins of mica, giving it a subtle sparkle in parts. Being a natural product, each tool will vary by color and inclusion. Our tools are highly polish and smooth, they are made to fit right in the hand for ease of use. Many people believe Aventurine to be lucky. The name of the stone comes from the Italian word ‘aventura,’ which means ‘by chance’. If you’re hoping to get lucky this Valentine’s Day, our limited edition massage gift set may be your best bet.

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