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We have a personal relationship with our vendor partners and work with them to bring you quality products you love and support fellow small family business.

Baptized by olive oil

Kasandrinos Olive Oil – was destined to be apart of our lives forever

Tony and Effi, the founders of Kasandrinos, grew up surrounded by the purest olive oil. From a young age, it was instilled in them by their parents that the quality of the food you eat is of the highest importance. Spending their summers in Greece and eating predominately a mediterranean diet, they learned the olive oil was the foundation of a delicious meal.

The Tipping Point

As an active Marine, Tony was always joining new communities every time he moved. When stationed in Philadelphia, Tony joined Crossfit Center City and started sharing his family’s olive oil with fellow foodies. The demand started to grow when word got out and everyone wanted to take their own bottle home. With the encouragement of great friends, Tony soon started the business and reached out to his sister, Effi to become his business partner.
Kasandrinos uses only premium Koroneiki Greek Olives, it is single ingredient and tested for purity, certified organic, picked and pressed within 24hrs, single origin olives, and family owned.


The idea for Gold Nugget Ghee began when our founder, Daniel Draskinis, discovered the nutritious fat in 2011 while he was exploring yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. He soon realized that ghee was such an amazing healthy fat that had so many benefits to offer, especially in its ideal state being made by hand with the highest quality organic full year pasture raised butter. After having it as a mainstay in his diet for a few years, and realizing the need to share it with others, he started Gold Nugget Ghee in 2016.

Gold Nugget Ghee is built on the foundation principle of making only the highest quality products available on the market, and not sacrificing our sourcing, quality, and commitment to other small businesses in order to get into big box chain stores and nation wide distribution. We want to inspire people to be better humans, to eat cleaner, and to be the best versions of themselves. Gold nugget ghee is certified organic, paleo certified, keto certified And family owned.