9 Indoor Activities for Your Family

With almost all Americans now under stay-at-home regulations, being home around the clock may cause families to go a little stir crazy. If you’re scratching your head, wondering what you can do to stay productive, healthy and stress-free, you’re not alone. Keeping your kids entertained at home, without friends or the normal activities they’re used […]

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How to Color Easter Eggs Naturally

If you’re looking to take a more natural approach for coloring Easter eggs, and want to avoid the chemicals that artificial dyes bring, look no further than your refrigerator! Simple household ingredients prove to be a suitable source in creating a colored mixture for your eggs. Here are a few ingredient ideas for creating a […]

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Is Hemp Oil CBD?

is hemp oil cbd?

Hemp Oil vs. CBD: What is the difference? In this article we are going to explain the difference between Hemp Oil and CBD (Cannabidiol). Both oils can be healthful, but consumers can often be confused about what they are buying. The long story short, hemp oil is not the same thing as CBD but the […]

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This Valentine’s Day, focus on resting the mind, easing the body, and lifting the spirit with your significant other or best galentine. For centuries, yogis have been enhancing the practice of yoga with marijuana and now CBD for pain relief, anxiety and depression relief, decreased inflammation, increased mood, and main clarity! CBD does not have […]

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Paleo Cooking Gift Guide Recipes

It’s that time of year again and you are needing to decide on a restaurant or plan a romantic evening in with your significant other. Not to mention– a special gift! We put together an awesome gift guide for your paleo certified Valentine’s Day dinner or great products we think your lover will enjoy! BBQ […]

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