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Jambo has been making high quality, lab tested CBD products since 2014.

We formulate and manufacture all of our cannabidiol products in California, made with American grown hemp.

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“If you’re looking for easy to use, go anywhere pain relief, this is it. Compared to other CBD products on the market, Jambo is a deal. I haven’t tried another product that worked as quickly, or as well to ameliorate pain”

– Dave P. Website Customer


We want you to enjoy a happy healthy low stress life, starting with our service.


As a family owned business we are proud to own our own manufacturing & shipping facility which allows us to have oversight of the entire production and fulfillment process, ensuring what goes in the bottle is the best quality available and your order ships quickly. Our employees take pride in making CBD products that help people all over the world feel better, live better and love life a little bit more.

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We take pride in making all natural products

We combine the healthful benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol) sourced from trusted, lab tested farms located in United States with essential oils and lipids to aid in absorption and relief.

Our philosophy is to design products that are holistically helpful, enjoyable and effective. We NEVER use cheap fillers, harmful artificial ingredients or intentional fraudulent dosing claims.

We have been manufacturing CBD products in our own lab since 2014

Jambo was one of the first agricultural hemp companies to bring easy to use, delicious and effective products to the American and international market.

Thank you for choosing independent family owned businesses like ours!