CBD Butter Oil, Grassfed Ghee & MCT Oil


CBD Butter Oil, Grassfed Ghee & MCT Oil

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Take your morning butter coffee to the next level with our supercharged CBD/MCT Ghee blend!

We wanted to make it easier to make our butter coffee so we combined our three favorite things – ghee from grass-fed cows, MCT Oil and Cannabidiol – the extract from the hemp plant that in recent studies has shown to have mind-blowing regenerative and healing properties.

Make your daily coffee better for your brain and tastier to your tongue with good fats (ghee and MCT). Plan for long-term health with a daily titration of CBDs.


  • Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp
  • Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil
  • Ghee from grass-fed dairy cows

Three strengths to choose from

  • 200mg CBD / 8mg per TBS
  • 1000mg CBD / 40mg per TBS

Directions for use

Add 1-2 tablespoons to your morning coffee or tea, blend or whisk and enjoy!

Use in place of butter or cooking oil for sautéing. Stir fry with your favorite dish.

Great for drizzling over veggies, fish, poultry, and meats.

Additional information

Weight 19.8 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 6.5 in

19 reviews for CBD Butter Oil, Grassfed Ghee & MCT Oil

  1. sally p.

    This coffee & daily ritual are so wonderful together! I also love using the daily ritual on veggies & many other foods.
    Perfect !

  2. Brian A.

    Great way to get healthy fats for energy + CBD.

  3. Susan D.

    Wonderful product.

  4. Susan D.

    love your grass-fed ghee.

  5. Deborah B.

    Especially when I’m on the road driving. Only complaint? I bought 2 bottles when there was a buy two, and get one free offer, but I only got my two bottles.

  6. Steve F.

    Awesome addition to my morning coffee

  7. steven L.

    Super convenient product to use for fasting. I enjoy putting into my morning coffee for a true bulletproof experience. Whips up nice in the blender. If you are fasting. Def a go to product. I enjoyed it also in my scrambled eggs and on waffles!

  8. Chris K.

    Felt the CBD from the very first use! Highly recommend for your morning coffee!

  9. Kim

    Such a useful product, very light tasting and sustainable!

  10. Maureen

    I am 70 years young and feel I have connected with the BEST COMPANY and PRODUCTS during my Cancer Challenge. The Oil add a delicious taste to whatever you add it. I substitute it for butter and oil.
    Staff/Customer Service is Phenomenal. Words can not express the PROMPT RESPONSE AND GENUINE concern shown for CUSTOMERS questions or concerns.

    Thank you for making the sacrifice to STEP OUT OF THE BOX.

  11. Ashley G.

    First found this product in a dispensery in Santa Rosa, CA, I was looking for a CBD tincture for my dog, who had tumors all over his face, but the Jambo representatives talked me into buying this product instead of a traditional tincture and I couldn’t have been more pleased with their recommendation! After one bottle of the Jambo supper charged CBD butter, all of my dogs turmors have disappeared. Thank you Jambo for saving me from paying $5,000 for my dogs surgery which was not even guaranteed to work! Amazing product.

  12. Colette L.

    I feel so clear headed on this.

  13. Janet M.

    Thank you!! I’ve ordered it once before and it came within four days of being shipped. I absolutely love the product. Not only is it delicious, but I am experiencing less back pain since I started using it. This has changed my life.

  14. Linda F.

    I have been taking the Jambo super food, ghee butter now for several months and I can confirm these products work. Put the ghee on half a muffin then place in your toaster oven, or use it in your scrambled eggs or with coconut oil to cook with. I even put it in my coffee or tea in the morning with some almond hint of honey blue diamond milk and blend it in the blender. it comes out like a whipped up latte. Yummy. Anyway , takes all my pain away within 20 to 30 minutes I am pain free. No harmful side effect because it is all natural. I suggest you check it out.

  15. Kyle

    Thank you Jambo for coming up with one of the best forms of cannabis consumption. I’ve been able to medicate any dish at home with the proper dosing. It makes the for the perfect finish on all of the meat I grill.

  16. Dave

    A panacea. In what can only be described as a modern,shamanic “daily ritual”, the possibilities, seemingly endless. The Leatherman in my kitchen pantry. Coffee is but one conveyance to unlocking this product’s nascency among non- believers. I can only imagine what the world would be if everyone tapped in to what is right in front of us. What if hemp was as ubiquitous as corn. Would man unlock its true self. The Hearst’s and current perpetuators of the vitriol against these gifts from nature owe a debt to humanity for this obfuscation of the prohibition on hemp/ hemp by-products and other castaways of capitalism.

  17. Kyle

    CBD intake couldn’t get any easier! The butter coffee is great but I just used some of the ghee for my broccoli and it was the best. The best part is it is completely legal so you can give it as a gift to anyone, anywhere.

  18. Adam

    Have been a butter coffee fan for about a year. My wife weened herself off of all prescription meds with the use of cannabis. Did a lot of research on the benefits of CBD and it has been a great addition to my diet. I have faster recovery from workouts and sustained energy. This is a go to product.

  19. Shannon D.

    How have I not had this product in my life before?!? I’m a big fan on CBD’s and their amazing healing powers but I never take them because I always forget, I’ve had a jar of pills on my counter for ages and never remember them. I know that CBD’s are most effective when you take regular amounts over time so putting some in my morning butter coffee is PERFECT for my life!

    I never miss a day when it comes to making my morning butter coffee, like the product name implies it is a daily ritual, the perfect way to take CBDs consistently and easily. The taste is great, it has that rich creamy taste of butter coffee with a touch that characteristic CBD flavor, kind of like the smell of a fresh mowed lawn a few blocks away on a summer day. I love it!

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