Caveman Coffee-Blacklisted-12oz


Caveman Coffee-Blacklisted-12oz


Single Origin: Colombia.

This dark roast is a signature, post-roast blend of Single Origin beans. It’s bold with a full body and low acidity.

We wanted to create a roast that has the notes of a traditional dark coffee but retains some of the unique flavor, found in our White Gold (woodsy/grassy).  The result is Blacklisted. You can still pick up the nutty, woodsy flavors and the flavor experience is quite remarkable.  Your mouth will thank you.

Suggested use: For a bold Caveman Coffee Blend, use this roast. Add Jambo Superfoods Daily Ritual or your favorite spice to your delicious mix for a real paleo treat.

Note: Before your daily grind, be sure to shake your bag. The lighter beans are heavier and sink to the bottom.

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