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Want to freshen your breath and get healthy at the same time? Try our CBD breath spray!

Our CBD Spray is not only tasty but nutritional. Made with all-natural ingredients, it’s sure to become your new favorite – it’s one of ours (the entire office is addicted to it!). Every spray gives you the clean fresh breath you’ll love with the added benefit of CBD.

The bottle contains 175+ sprays! Perfect for any gym bag, purse, or pocket, and makes for a great gift! Get an extra for the office.


Ingredients in all flavors

  • Additional Ingredients for Fresh Peppermint
    MCT Oil
  • Cannabidiol Hemp Oil
  • Organic Stevia Leaf Extract
  • Rosemary antioxidant (natural preservative)
  • Natural Menthol
  • Peppermint Essential Oil

Additional Ingredients for Sweet Cinnamon

  • Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Directions for use

Pump twice into mouth. Swish and swallow. Just like a breath spray.

Each 1oz / 30ml bottle contains ~ 175+ sprays.

For a 100mg bottle you get 1/2mg per spray, 200mg bottle you get 1mg per spray, 500mg bottle you get 3mg per spray.

Additional information

Weight 4.3 oz
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 4.375 in

100mg, 200mg, 500mg


Mint, Cinnamon

81 reviews for CBD Spray

  1. N.C.Y. (verified owner)

    I have tried other CBD oil sprays but this is the most effective, fast working and good tasting spray! My friends and I could not go thru this pandemic and other bad times without this product. Thank you!!!

  2. Dustin Gersch

    Love the product, very effective and at a cost that is very reasonable. On CBD product I will ever use.

  3. Alexa

    Loving the cinnamon CBD sprays I purchased for my anxiety. Great for when the boss is in town.
    They’re refreshing – it feels like I was just chewing gum.

  4. Brian L.

    I am promoting your products with other people here in Trinidad and Tobago….If you get any new orders from Trinidad most likely I have promoted it with them…Here in this Country we do not carry a sellers license..It is not required by our Govt’..However I would love to get this item wholesale.
    Brian Lee

  5. jon

    I’m enjoying both these CBD sprays. It’s a nice, simple way to get a blast of CBD. I like the taste and, whilst there might be some placebo effect going on, my back & neck pains seem to be less than before i upped the CBD. I’m also using the muscle rub. Anyway no regrets on these.

  6. Brian L.

    I have not been taking this spray internally as yet because I want to finish off the original medicine before I start this Jambo spray…What I have been doing with the Jambo spray I used it on my skin because I used to suffer with very dry skin and it has cleared all the dry skin, it has even helped in
    reducing joint pains as well.I am very impressed with it so far.

  7. sally p.

    Gives great relief from my chronic aches & pains!
    Very satisfied customer !

  8. sally p.

    I love this peppermint spray!
    Perfectly refreshing & cooling.

  9. Alessandra Taryn B.

    Jambo has been life changed for my pup Nino and I. SOO much better than phenobarbital that made him gain 10 pounds (he’s a chihuahua), he would throw it up and it would’ve eventually ruined his liver. He doesn’t mind the CBD oil at all (he would hide when he saw me pulling out the phenobarbital). I get the peppermint flavor and his seizures happen less often and are less intense.

  10. Sal P.

    I am so grateful for this wonderful oil spray. I am sleeping so much better!
    Highly recommend trying it !

  11. susan P.

    I bought the 500 after trying the 100 and 200mg. This spray is so easy to use and I wanted to try the highest grade. It has changed my mood, muscle soreness and definitely decreased my anxiety. An added benefit seems to be my BP has dropped about 5 mm(systolic).

  12. Heather M.

    Jambo’s CBD spray is the best brand I have tried. I have IBS and it really helps to soothe a troubled tummy. I also like to use it after a workout. I like to keep a bottle at my desk at work, my gym bag and my house.

  13. Heather M.

    I really like to keep this spray on hand for an upset stomach or when I’m having a stressful day. So I try to buy multiples whenever I ordered. I appreciate the buy 2, get 1 free deal that Jambo offered on the spray.

  14. Reno Y.

    I have not slept as good as I do after taking the Cinnamon spray since I was a baby! This is the best tasting and performing CBD product I have tried!

  15. Armineh

    I came across this product 3-4 years ago and my life was changed. The best anxiety remedy (for me because it really works). Thank you for making it available.

  16. Home A.

    This product works in a very gentle way which I like
    plus the mint is perfect

  17. Ellen C.

    I was looking for something to help my 88 year old mom with chronic pain from arthritis, neuropathy and overwhelming fatigue. Two different family members and a friend all recommended CBD products since they were seeing great results for relief from those same things. One was ordering through Jambo and sent me a link.

    When my mom received her order, her caregivers showed her how to use the spray- they were all familiar with CBD products and were excited to see her get started with them. Mom reported complete relief from neuropathy foot pain the same night! Regular use has helped take the edge off the arthritis pain and allowed her to cut way back on ibu and other pain meds. And I swear she looks and sounds years younger!!
    Thanks, Jambo!!

  18. Iliza

    I started to use this stuff consistently almost a month ago. Since then, I have started to have random mid-day headaches that I simply cannot get to go away and I have never naturally been like this. I usually get one bad headache a month. Turns out I don’t do well with the sweeteners you guys use, and the day I stopped spraying this stuff every morning they finally went away. If I didn’t get a full on headache after using your spray, I certainly had a tight pinching sensation in the middle of my forehead. Overall it calmed me maybe at the beginning but I stopped noticing the calming effects after a while since they were no longer positive. I tried taking it anyway thinking it would help, not realizing it was the cause.

    Any calming effect this had was certainly over-powered by the regular headaches I would get like clockwork after using your product. I will be switching to a brand that does not use stevia.

  19. Paul

    Bought the CBD 200mg for my 26 year old daughter with pain from arthritis in multiple locations. It had absolutely no effect at various dosages (sprays per time) and may have well have been water being taken.

  20. Savanna

    I can’t live without this stuff anymore. Helps me relax and calms my anxiety, and I can tell my quality of sleep has improved drastically. Glad this came into my life! Only thing I have to complain about is the spray bottle top always seems to stop fully functioning halfway through the bottle and doesn’t spray fully. Other the packaging, this product is great.

  21. Joan M H.

    the potion works as expected.

  22. Gloria R.

    I have been able to sleep better since using the spray , it seems to have lessened the uncomfortable pain i had been dealing with nightly.

  23. Rebecca V.

    This lip balm is my new favorite- I keep one in my purse and one in my nightstand. This is one of the very few lip balms that I actually run out of and end up craving more. The texture is perfect, and this keeps my lips super hydrated, soft and smooth. Back here to order a few more- highly recommend!

  24. Ashley C.

    I love the spray bottle, it’s a fun way to get cbd. However, I don’t really like burping up mint all day! I would really like a flavorless option.

  25. Jennifer S.

    Cinnamon extract to high, caused sever pain and swelling under tongue, and in jaw salivary glands. Contacted customer service and recieved no response. Terribly dissapointing.

  26. Beth

    I make sure I have this excellent product with me wherever I go. I couple of spritzes before meetings, before a workout, before sitting down to do a task that requires focus. It’s not a dramatic change, but it just takes the anxious edge off and helps me focus. Also kills the jitters if I have a little too much coffee.

  27. Kassie H.

    This stuff is my saving grace! Severe chronic back/Hip pain, the pills do nothign and make me feel gross and trash your insides. This product acts fast, pleasant undetectable taste, no burning or unpleasantness at all. Have about 10 friends hooked on it as well. Please never stop making this, the world needs it!

  28. R

    Great product

  29. Matthew C.

    So far after 1 month I have reduced my pain meds by 2/3’s. The only issue I have is that shortly after using the CBD i have fairly uncomfortable stomach issues for about 2 hours. If I take it on a full stomach it is not quite as bad. I believe it might be the coconut oil base. I am allergic to peanuts but no other nuts that I know of. I would appreciate any thoughts you might have regarding this issue.
    Otherwise I am quite encouraged by these results.

  30. Audrey H.

    This really helps me feel better!!!

  31. George A. M.

    This is a great “starter” set…can’t speak highly enough of the positive effects it’s had on me. The Daily Ritual is amazing.

  32. Joe M.

    Tastes very good. I don’t feel a significant difference, though I do believe it has helped me calm down before bed and get better sleep.

  33. Lora C.

    I had heard about the positive benefits of using a CBD product, but not sold.
    I heard the podcast from the Paleo Magazine about Jambo Superfoods and
    decided to give it a try. I am so confident it will help any woman with trouble
    sleeping I am ordering a bottle for my 80 year old mother.
    Try it!

  34. Dan H.

    I’ve really enjoyed Jambo’s cinnamon and mint sprays as well as their CBD infused ghee. One can FEEL the health promoting effects. My life has been enhanced by Jambo Superfoods! One can even get creative with their applications. Spiced coffee with nutmeg, cacao, pepper flakes and Jambo DAILY RITUAL CBD butter & ghee blend supports a largely ketogenic diet; and for cheat days I’ve made mint fudge CBD infused chocolate brownies featuring Jambo’s FRESH PEPPERMINT CBD spray. Delicious! The secret ingredients are love and CBD. 😉 Thanks Jambo!

  35. Megan W.

    Minty flavor is fabulous and not too strong. Noticed a big reduction in my post workout soreness while using the product. Definitely will purchase again and probably send some to a family member with joint pain!

  36. Joey F.

    Love the quick absorption the breath sprays provide. I get a sense of calmness and ease within a few minutes. Don’t hesitate to buy this product.

  37. marc D.

    for a long time i try to stop smoke weed and i decided to taste your cbd spray, wow incredible it s just 10 days and now i don t want to smoke just relax with a couple a spray before to sleep and when i m playing music or just relax after a day work.
    it’ s a revolution for me i swear, thank you for this product 😉

  38. Sally K.

    This jambo spray is amazing. It has helped both me and my husband to sleep better feel better and we both suffer from chronic pain.
    Thank you so much!!!!!!
    Sally Kelly

  39. Jimmy H.

    2-3 sprays is all it takes. Can’t wait to try the 500mg.

  40. Allie H.

    Heavenly sleep

  41. Ross W.

    Ive tried a few different brands of CBD but this one really steps up in quality!

  42. Andrea O.

    Very pleasant taste and def helps ease anxiety.

  43. Carole M.

    I have taken this before for pain and anxiety, it helps a lot.

  44. Carole M.

    reduces pain and stress

  45. Elaine C.

    Love the spray. Has a nice effect to calm the horribly anxiety and fear from having Parkinson’s and taking levodopa that comes with a warning that it could make me experience anxiety and fear.

    I feel the CBD spray — the cinnamon is great! — but it’s a tad too expensive. I was lucky enough to catch the Buy 2, Get One Free.

  46. PAULA D.

    I enjoyed the taste very much and it did help with my anxiety.

  47. Traci

    Tastes great and gives a calming effect with just a few sprays. I took advantage of the buy 2 get 1 offer. Will definitely purchase again!

  48. Linda A.

    As a “hippy” in my younger years “pot” was a fun thing to do at parties but then reality of being a responsible adult got me back to reality. Now in my retirement and getting up in years, body pains are creeping up. All doctors have to offer is bad & expensive drugs to take the pain away. I choose to exercise, practice yoga, eat right, and use CBD’s to manage pain. This product is perfect for me.

  49. Jan B.

    I would like to give this product 5 stars as I did like it, however when I purchased it there was a 2 for 1 deal and I only received 1 bottle. I tried reaching out to the company a few times and never heard a back.

  50. Beth M.

    Fresh minty taste, easy to use.

  51. Allie H.

    never slept better in all my life and that means my 84 and almost 85 years.

  52. Penelope C.

    So far so great. Have been struggling with severe social anxiety, and whether or not it’s a placebo effect, a couple sprays have allowed me to engage in conversations, phone calls, and social events with little to no anxiety. Even full blown anxiety attacks are less severe or have a shorter duration. So glad my brother recommended this product to me, thank you for your magic potion!

  53. RoseS

    This is a very helpful product for both my pain and anxiety. I am unable to take pharmaceuticals due to the side effects, this has been the most helpful for managing my symptoms, with no unpleasant side effects.

  54. Barak

    I’m using this product for my son who suffers seizures everyday since he was a child. He tried most of the anti seizure medications prescribed by his doctor and he still having 5 to 10 seizures everyday. Including the small and grandmal seizures. I started the CBD oil last month. He use it everyday for a month now. The result astonished me. His grandmal seizures decreased. My son is 23 yrs old now. I wish that I can turn back time and use this wonderful medicinal oil when he was a child. A child with hydrocephalus and seizures disorder every single day….

  55. agalfrommars

    I use this just before going to bed and it’s quite nice. Occasionally I will use it other times of the day if I have inflammation or am feeling stressed.

  56. Lauren

    So far so great. Have been struggling with severe social anxiety, and whether or not it’s a placebo effect, a couple sprays have allowed me to engage in conversations, phone calls, and social events with little to no anxiety. Even full blown anxiety attacks are less severe or have a shorter duration. So glad my brother recommended this product to me, thank you for your magic potion!

  57. K

    Off the pharmy anit-inflamm/NSAIDs for pain. Moderate to severe lumbar disc issue, this is the only thing that works! Also for upset stomachs including IBS flares. Only thing it doesn’t do is burn your mouth, taste like bong water and headaches. I’ve got a handful of other people “drinking the kool aid” because it works so well and immediately. Love this stuff, can’t live without it!

  58. AmyDaisy

    I have anxiety attacks pretty frequently and have always had a time trying to keep things in check. CBD Potion has been such a help for me. I’ve noticed a marked calm when taking it a few times a day. Not a high or anything that makes me listless just a calm sort of resolve. The peppermint is a bonus! I highly recommend this product!

  59. Maureen

    Taste great and Works perfectly.

  60. AmyDaisy

    I am so thankful that CBD Oil is available! I have frequent anxiety attacks but don’t want to take pharmaceuticals that turn me into a zombie. CBD Spray works wonders without any side effects. Just a feeling of calm and ‘I can do this’. I also feel …

  61. Cody G.

    I feel a relief in inflammation it decongest you like your chewing some winterfresh gum and is a perfect if not better alternative to ppl laying down the maryjane, i just love it.

  62. Martin L.

    Thankful to have found this. CBD is the only medication that controls my seizers. Thanks

  63. Tyrone J.

    Taste great, arrived on time. No complaints

  64. Lulu

    This product is pretty amazing, which makes it so hard to have to tell you of my pretty lousy experience. I never received any tracking numbers for my shipment of three bottles, nor did I get ANY response to the two emails I sent requesting the shipping history. I also left a message for them with the same lousy result.
    And then it’s like- but that is ok, because they have a great product… AND THEN YOU GET the product! In a state of excitement I opened up that little box and checked out my loot and was instantly discouraged all over again. TWO of my THREE bottles were opened/damaged seal. I wish things were different, but I need to keep moving on without Jambo. That is at least three strikes, and obviously emailing or calling would just be more time wasted.

  65. Torch

    I got the cinnamon and have been using it going on three weeks and I feel some pain relief and my nerves are settled every time I use it.

  66. Roy B.

    Was able to get a bottle of the potion through a friend. My son uses this to help manage an autoimmune disease.
    After ordering more and waiting 3 weeks, still no delivery and no correspondence from the company after repeated attempts to “just hear back” . A poor customer service experience like this reduces my faith in the company. In a growing market of CBD product sellers, the customer service experience is important. Buyer beware.

  67. Steve V.

    I first saw Jambo in Boulder and regret not buying some sooner.

    I have anxiety and used cannabis regularly to alleviate it. This spray has really dumbed down my anxiety. I don’t need to smoke as much any more. It tastes great and the ingredients are all natural. The oils they use have a great absorption rate, no vegetable glycerine, and use stevia as a sweetener.

    I’d recommend it to anyone that has anxiety and wants to stay clear headed.

  68. Eric G.

    Here Joe Rogan talking about this spray all the time please bring this to collectives in Phoenix AZ

  69. Ms. C.

    I was in The Higher Path for the first time today, looking for a nice CBD spray. This tastes great; I’m crazy about peppermint and can definitely tell the difference between real oil and fake flavorings. This is the REAL deal and leaves your breath fresh, your mouth feels so clean afterward. I just had one spray, because I wanted to give this a try. I can tell you on my next trip to THP I’ll be buying a bottle of this. Delicious and effective! (My first time using CBD.)

    Thank you to the rep who was offering a sample spray. I bought another one of your products and know that I’ll be happy with it.

  70. Gina

    The taste is great…nice and minty. But more importantly, I’ve noticed a more mellow mood since I started using this. Even my husband noticed a difference. A friend recommended this because she said it helped her with anxiety. I used it with skepticism, but I have not been disappointed. Give it a shot! I’m a convert! Thanks, Jambo!!!

  71. Lo

    Nice, strong minty taste. Anxiety increased the first few days and then completely vanished. No longer feel anxiety and mood is much improved! Love it! Heard that the spray pump can stick for some…hopefully that gets resolved as I have many more bottles to work through and have yet to have an issue.

  72. Joel

    Product is decent. Customer service could be better as we ordered 6 overall and had a problem with one of he sprays sticking and after email never heard back. Mint flavor and spray is pleasant and product does a good job chilling a person out. Just wish one of our peeps could use their spray without lifting pump every dose.

  73. Rita W.

    perfect solution – no need to ingest all the sugar with edibles .. potent, refreshing … sublime! I called to ask for a dispensary that carries the 1000mg THC .. will be making a trek to Hollywood for this magic.. buying multiple bottles… if only I had phat pockets, I’d buy a case! Please other so cal dispensaries… stock up on the Jambo!!!!

  74. Dave

    Aloha family, wanted to let you guys know that last night I gave my mother, who is seriously ill and who I’ve been care taking, some jambo spray and she had the first night of sleep she’s had in weeks. She woke up in an amazing energy space. The transformation since last night is remarkable. Just wanted to share my gratitude.

  75. Joshua

    This is a magical product!

    The feeling permeates through your entire body – relaxing without being lethargic.

    The pump-spray is ingenious – it allows you to precisely measure your dose, so you don’t overdose!

    And it’s delicious!

  76. Nina H.

    This is a wonderful way to avoid inhaling smoke! And it tastes really nice. I’m so grateful for this produce. After half an hour I start to relax into the high and it’s a smooth, easy transition!

  77. Brendon H.

    This is a groundbreaking product. the alcohol based sprays are disgusting and they solved this with the oil medium for this spray. Delicious and effective. Would definitely recommend this product to anybody who wants the benefits of cannabis with out the hazards of smoking.

  78. Jordan

    Love this stuff! It’s so awesome to have a product that I can take with me everywhere and not have to worry about stinking up the place when I use it ; ) plus it is EFFECTIVE! I can’t wait to get my next bottle!

  79. Kyle

    Sometimes when I wake up in the morning my stomach is in pain. 2-3 sprays of this delicious oil and within minutes it feels like the pain is gone. I swear by this potion and I hope other people can get the awesome benefits from this product.

  80. Joe W.

    I am a long time edible user. This makes it so easy and fun to medicate. Just two or three quick sprays and I have minty fresh breath and feel amazing. I love how compact and potent this little guy is. This stuff is the best!

  81. Dave

    If you’re looking for easy to use, go anywhere pain relief,this is it. Don’t let the price scare you off. Compared to other CBD products on the market, this is a deal. I haven’t tried a product that worked as quickly, or as well to ameliorate pain.

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