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Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts

Thoughtful Father’s Day gifts never include those underwear packs… or any for that matter. Let’s be honest here, no dad wants a pack of underwear from his kids, so what do they really want as a gift? 


Father’s Day gifts have always been a tricky task, especially when that ever so stressful thought pops in your head… What do you get for Father’s Day when dad has everything? As we leave behind a year filled with missed family gatherings and celebrations as social distancing has been our new norm, now’s the time to show dad how much we truly love him! 


Whether you’ve noticed the extra time needed to receive anything being shipped, or you find yourself in the procrastinator category, there is no need to wait to send dad his perfect Father’s Day gift! We certainly have you covered here! There is no need to worry because there is something for all dads in your life! 


Even if you are celebrating dad for over 20 years, or if this is your first Father’s Day, there are gift ideas that are perfect for all our beloved dads. 


Gift Guide to a Perfect Father’s Day


Looking to add dad’s name to his gift? There are a variety of ways to personalize dad’s beloved grilling set. This is perfect for the grill master!

  1. Check out this great Barbeque Set that comes with a set of five tools in a natural bamboo case! The set can be custom engraved to personalize it to your special dad! This gift is only $39.00 which is a great steal! 

  1. In order to perfect the grill master gift, check out Jambo Cooking Oils. Both the CBD Butter Oil and the CBD Olive Oil add the perfect touch to those BBQ meals! 


Is dad into adventures or loves to travel? Maybe he even wants to escape the family after quarantine? Toiletry travel bags are perfect gifts! This super trendy gift comes in all sizes, shapes and colors and who doesn’t want to personalize it with dad’s initials! 

  1. Check out this Leather dropp kit which is only $20.62+! You have an array of options for the leather color and even the size of the bag with the personalization! These handmade bags are a great way to make dad feel special! 

  1. Don’t forget to pack your Lip Balm! We all know how it feels to travel and suddenly realize, I don’t have chapstick! Jambo Superfoods has an awesome Peppermint Eucalyptus Lip balm that makes your lips feel good as new! 


Whether or not dad hits the golf courses on Father’s Day or not, every golf lover needs divot tool, so why not customize it to fit dad! This gift can be used on any course, while still thinking of you the whole time! 

  1. This Golf Ball Marker Divot Tool Gift for every dad is personally engraved! There are a variety of engraving options starting at $32.99+ which allows you to add every special touch! 

  1. Don’t be afraid to admit our bodies take a beating while playing golf. That dreaded hip pain and maybe even that pesky lower back pain that never seems to go away. Well, Jambo Superfoods has the perfect solution! The CBD Muscle Balm has a 100mg option or 200mg + menthol. This all-natural topical relief balm includes medicinal essential oils in a skin-loving blend of oils and butter! Trust me, it cures all aches and pains! 


Looking for something a tad bit humorous? Or just need a gift for your special dad from your child? Well, custom socks are always a great pick! Who doesn’t like to put their face on the clothing of loved ones? I certainly do! 

  1. Fancy Fanny Shop has super fun custom socks in a variety of colors! You can even select the number of photos you want on the socks! How cool is that! Maybe you want to gift this to grandpa or even dad and put all the kids faces on it! Who doesn’t want to be reminded of the kids everytime you walk! These socks start at $20.99+, but trust me they are great! 


To all the dads out there on Father’s Day, enjoy your special day with loved ones! 


-The Jambo Team