New! Mint CBD Drops

Mint CBD Drops just hit and are sure to fly off the shelves just like our favorite Mint CBD Spray! This particular flavor is perfect for those struggling with belly issues. There is extensive research on the effects of mint essential oil and IBS, as well as CBD and IBS. Both oils help soothe irritated bowels by reducing inflammation, decreasing pain sensations, and increasing digestive enzymes that regulate digestion.

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5 Ways Cannabis Helps Build Immunity

The immune system comprises the cellular machinery and chemical reactions that initiate protective responses. Also, cells like WBCs act as the main line of defense after the pathogenic attacks. If you wish to stay away from diseases, you must consume immune-boosting foods to keep the immunity functional. Along with this, seek reliable natural therapies to […]

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CBD Pumpkin Crunch

Our social media manager, Bryn, has been making this recipe every year for 11 years– it’s that good. It has become an expected dish at holiday gatherings with the family because everyone loves it so much. This year she adapted the recipe to include our Cinnamon CBD Spray and it has never been better! CBD […]

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