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Jambo: Effective Organization Techniques

Whether you’re all in on the Marie Kondo craze after binge watching Netflix or simply need some mess-clearing solutions before the holidays, follow these expert-approved organizing techniques to tackle the unwanted clutter in every part of your home! There are hacks for spaces of varying shapes and sizes; especially for the most-visited rooms such as the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Don’t forget the ever so challenging nooks and crannies such as drawers, closets and yes, even kitchen cabinets tend to gather unwanted objects.

Declutter your entire home or pick a few organizing methods for your most cluttered areas to take back control of your home. As a result, you might even free up some extra space but don’t go back and fill it with new cluttered objects!

Here are some helpful tips and tricks:

1. Mount drying racks on the wall: you might want to boost your laundry room’s functionality by mounting one or two drying racks straight to the wall. When they are not in use, fold them up, so they don’t get in the way. Think about it, does anyone have a spot for a drying rack? Well, why not just put it on the wall!

2. Compartmentalize drawers: Group similar items into categories, you can find exactly what you need in a second. Inexpensive plastic organizers can be found almost anywhere! This is perfect for organizing all of your favorite Jambo Superfoods Products! Especially in your bathroom filled with the CBD Muscle Balm and Jambo’s Lip Balm.

3. Make a dedicated work closet: Add a mix of sleek boxes and acrylic organizers for storing everything from stationary to small gift bags and papers to file. This would be perfect to store the absolute best gift everyone would love! Try out the CBD Everything Gift Set! This includes Jambo’s Butter Oil, Olive Oil, Cinnamon CBD Potion, Peppermint CBD Potion, CBD Lip Balm, Muscle Balm and CBD Drops. All are amazing all-natural products!

4. File folding: folding hand towels, wash-cloths or even small face towels upright to allow you to see everything in the drawer at one glance. Color code from light to dark or dark to light for even more organization.

5. Hang a hair station: Try putting a small bin with an adhesive or even command stripes on the cabinet doors to create a home for all of those pesky hair dryers, straighteners and curlers that take up too much drawer space.

6. Cord keeper: We all know power cords can clutter up the most beautifully put together spaces and truly are hard to keep under control. Well, this is the best hack to keep those cords under control by using a stick-on cord keeper.

Don’t give up and start in one space! It takes time, but your Marie Kondo will shine in you eventually!