CBD Butter Coffee Recipe

Ingredients Needed: Freshly Brewed Coffee Jambo 50mg Daily Ritual Jambo 200mg CBD Cinnamon Spray Stevia Drops or Sugar Free All Natural Sweetener Recipe: 12 oz Black Coffee 1 tbsp Jambo Daily Ritual 2 Sprays of Jambo Cinnamon CBD Spray 2 Drops Omica Organics Stevia Brew Coffee.  Add CBD Sprays and Daily Ritual to coffee.  Blend […]

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CBD for Mace Training

The following blog post was written by Victoria Islas from Steel Mace Warrior, one of our affiliates.  To view the original post, click here. I have been wanting to chit chat about CBD (Cannabidiol) for a while and it’s tremendous benefits for mace athletes. Its been in my head for a long time. But before i […]

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Tips on Using CBD for Pets

We care for our pets like members of our families, and when they’re not feeling well, we want to help them as best we can. At Jambo Superfoods, that means supplementing a treasured pet’s diet with our CBD Pet Drops, created to honor our beloved dog Jambo, the namesake of our business. While there’s tons […]

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