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This Valentine’s Day, focus on resting the mind, easing the body, and lifting the spirit with your significant other or best galentine. For centuries, yogis have been enhancing the practice of yoga with marijuana and now CBD for pain relief, anxiety and depression relief, decreased inflammation, increased mood, and main clarity! CBD does not have the psychoactive effect as marijuana, but still provides a gentle calm and can help your body find balance. Two key benefits of yoga so it’s no surprise that yoga+cbd fit perfectly together. 

Practicing yoga together is a.) more fun b.) possibly something new to do together c.) provides a great stretch aid ! LOL, there are actually more serious benefits too, like enhanced communication. Synchronized yoga involves listening to your partner’s verbal and non-verbal cues. We weren’t kidding about your partner being a stretch aid. Helping each other achieve deeper and pain-free stretches can be an intimate practice that will deepen your connection. There are also physical benefits, both people will be working on alignment, posture, and breathing to live a healthy lifestyle.

Jambo Superfoods has a few products to compliment your yoga session. Taking CBD orally is the quickest way to feel it’s relaxing benefit. Our CBD Drops should be dropped right under your tongue. The drops have a hemp flavor which some people refer to as an “earthy” flavor. If you want to taste less earth, we suggest our CBD Sprays. Jambo CBD Sprays come in mint and cinnamon and you just spray it directly into your mouth!

Our Muscle Balm provides relief for sore muscles and chronic pain. It is perfect for a couple massage when winding down your yoga session. Be sure to try our Valentine’s Day Muscle Balm & Gua Sha package.

To get your couples cbd+yoga started, consider this book, High Yoga, an all-levels handbook, expert yoga instructor Darrin Zeer distills this ancient practice for a modern audience, guiding readers on combining yoga and marijuana for a healing and blissful practice.

We also love our Elenture Full Zip Yoga Mat Bag. It has multi-storage pockets, perfect for a bottle of Jambo CBD Spray, Drops, or Balms!

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