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Coronavirus: Our Service Promise and Tips for Mental and Physical Health

Covid CBD

Precautions to Keep Serving Our Customers

The world seems chaotic now and it can be easy to get overwhelmed. We want to help reduce worry by letting you know the precautions we are taking to ensure the safety of your products, as well as share some steps you can take to boost your immune system.

All of our packaging was imported before the holiday season and we are fully stocked in all of our products and all items are ready to ship.

We are blessed to own our laboratory and shipping facility, giving us complete control over it’s cleaning and staffing. We continue to maintain a high quality cleaning protocol, as well as ensuring our employees regularly wash hands, wear gloves and all other personal protective equipment. 


Here are some tips we are following at Jambo HQ to stay physically and mentally healthy that can help you and your family too! 

Covid wuhan lower sugar
1. Lower your sugar intake.

Sugar lowers the body’s reserves of calcium vitamin C and D, which are the building blocks of our immune system. Sugar also increases inflammation and  slows down white blood cells. High blood sugar has also been studied as a strong influence on the severity of influenza. All of our products are sugar free.


Covid vitamin D
2. Get some sun.

Vitamin D is actually a hormone and it regulates a vast number of health responses in the body. When combined with calcium, magnesium, vitamin A and vitamin K2 your body can fully utilize vitamin D. Good food sources for these vitamins and minerals include Liver, Egg Yolk, Raw Milk, Cod Liver Oil, Salmon, Hard Cheese, Grass Fed Butter, Dark Leafy Greens.

wuhan covid yoga
3. Move your body.

Although we may need to stay home in the near future we still need to get exercise. Physical movement is a huge boost for your immune system as well as an important factor for keeping a calm mind. We live in the best time that has ever existed for home fitness; many studios are now offering online classes which is a great way to help small businesses make it through this challenge. Here at Jambo, we like ‘Seven’ a great app that has many quick, seven minute exercises that are easy and fun to do!



Anxiety wuhan coronoa virus
4. Take care of your mental state.

Worry, anxiety and stress take a huge toll on your immune system as well as cloud your judgement.  During times of confusion it is vitally important, not only for yourself but for your community, to keep a calm sound mind so you can make good choices and not panic. Making choices out of fear often leads to worse results. We as individuals and as a community need to keep calm and make smart choices. If you are feeling anxious or worried do a quick 7 minute workout. It’s a great way to bring your nervous system back to baseline.

covid anxiety
5. Meditate.

Take five minutes to sit in a comfortable place and slow down your breathing. The breath is both the result of your nervous system’s state as well as a way to control your nervous system. If you find yourself holding your breath, you are showing signs of stress as well as creating more stress. Breathe. Slow smooth inhales and slow smooth exhales will cause your nervous system to slow down.

6. Lay off the caffeine, nicotine & stimulants.

Trust us, we love coffee, but in a time of heightened anxiety coffee is not your friend. Stimulants raise your heart rate and start a physical cascade of effects that raise stress. If you find yourself worrying, switch to decaf and do some breathwork.

Covid wuhan fake news
7. Take media breaks.

When we started in 2013 our first products were THC edibles, and on the package our first warning was “DO NOT WATCH THE NEWS” we still stand by this advice. While it is important to stay informed about certain details, a majority of news is carefully worded to trigger cortisol, the stress hormone. Why? Cortisol can be addictive and cause you to seek out ever increasing hits of it, and the best place to get those hits is through sensational media. Media is notorious for using words and intense red graphics to make their headlines seem as outrageous and emotional as possible.  For example, you may read a headline like “Local youth mauled by attack dog” when the honest headline would read “Trespassing teenager, ignores beware of dog signs, bitten by homeowner’s Labrador.” In the media industry they say “If it Bleeds it Leads” because fear sells advertisements and persuades people to make brash decisions that may be advantageous for those looking to grab more power. When you are reading something, remember to think… “what are they getting out of this deal if I become scared?”

covid wuhan family
8. Call your family.

One thing we can all be grateful for in times of chaos is the ability to step back and see the contrast of what is actually important in life. Family, Friends, taking care of ourselves. Pick up the phone and call someone you love, put a time limit on how long you talk about covid, try to talk about positive things or memories you share. All we have in life is the moment, enjoy the one you are in. There’s a saying:
“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift … that is why it is called the present!” – Oogway, Kungfu Panda

Take a breath and enjoy the present!