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Boost Romantic Pleasure with Muscle Balm

Our favorite way to use CBD muscle balm has everything to do with pleasure!

Find someone you love and prepare a “nest” of pillows, lay your pamper partner in the middle of it. Elevate their feet using pillows under the knees and sit cross legged between their ankles. Use your knee to suspend left foot in air.

Apply a generous amount of balm with long, slow, firm thumb strokes from heel to toe. Once evenly covered, hold foot in your hands and use your thumb pads to make slow, firm circles in the arch of the foot. Pay close attention, go slow and breathe deep: take your time.

Move the circles up to the pads of the foot, going around each toe. Slide your fingers between each toe for a gentle stretch that feels wonderful! Don’t forget to pay attention to the heel, giving it a firm squeeze. When you’re done, repeat for the right foot.

Finally wrap your pamper partner’s feet in a warm blanket, on a pillow, with a slight elevation. Kiss their forehead and leave them to enjoy the body bliss.