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Doggie Dosing for Fireworks

Using Jambo Pet Drops can help alleviate firework anxiety for your pets. 

By: @jambosuperfoods , Bryn O’Reilly

We all look forward to firework shows each year on July 4th, but our four legged friends feel differently. Anxiety triggered by fireworks is a real and very serious ailment for some animals. Imagine hearing an explosion unexpectedly and not understanding where it came from. Now, think about hearing 10 more… 20 more… 50 more explosions! 

Dogs get confused and scared when they hear fireworks; just like thunder. Many will try to hide or even run away! It is important to consider having your loved one secure in the house before setting off any fireworks. Shelters see a huge increase of lost dogs around the fourth of July because of this. 

My dog is skittish as is so everyday she gets a full dropper of Jambo Pet Drops either in her food or directly into her mouth. If there are expected thunderstorms we will get her a dose about 45 minutes to an hour before the storm. We will be doing the same this year for fireworks! 

In addition be sure to close windows and doors, and turn on some music or TV to help drown out the noise!


  • Squeeze drops into food if dog won’t take by mouth
  • Scratch dog under chin to pull head upward to allow easier access to mouth
  • Reward with a treat so they enjoy it!


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