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3 Ways to Celebrate Dad At Home

3 ways to celebrate dad at home

Father’s day is coming up! While many of us are stuck at home that does not mean we cannot give thanks for the men in our lives. Whether you’re celebrating dad or grandpa here are 3 ways to celebrate from home.

1. Zoom party! Get the whole family together digitally and share dinner together. Coordinate a time that works for everyone and agree to have dinner ready to eat when the party starts. It may be a good idea to have a tech savvy family member log on 10 minutes early to help grandma and grandma get the webcam working 🙂

2. Have a ‘King of the Castle’ day. Let dad pick his favorite movie and break out his favorite chair, make his favorite drink and grant him the wish of every father throughout time… some peace and quiet 😂While he’s enjoying his favorite film the rest of the family can cook up his favorite meal and set out the nice china. Finish up the evening sharing a meal together without distractions and talk about the good things your dad has done for the family. Positive praise and gratitude builds bonds.

3. Have a family team day. One of the wisest things my grandfather taught me was to think of and treat your family like a ‘team’ so why not bring that idea into reality! If you have a yard, mix up a big jug of iced tea and get the whole family to play a game of your dad’s favorite sport! It might not be your favorite sport but for one day put 100% of your fun effort into having the best game of touch football of your life. If you don’t have a yard, try to figure out how to adapt dad’s favorite sport to the indoors. Maybe make a brown paper bag baseball and a paper towel tube bat, or a brown paper soccer ball or football. Almost every sport can be ‘nerf’ed’ into an indoor friendly version.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Dad we recommend giving up the news and social media for one day, at no time in our recent lives has it been more important to spend quality time with our loved ones. Also make a pact not to complain, having “complaint detox days” can do wonders for the whole families health, not only does it give a break from the stress hormone cortisol, it can help break negative thought cycles and stretch the brain to think about anything other than negativity.

Thank you to all the father’s out there who work day in and day out to support their families. It’s a tough job but it’s everyday heroes like you that build a better tomorrow through your example.

Photo by Biova Nakou from Pexels