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CBD for Mace Training

The following blog post was written by Victoria Islas from Steel Mace Warrior, one of our affiliates.  To view the original post, click here.

I have been wanting to chit chat about CBD (Cannabidiol) for a while and it’s tremendous benefits for mace athletes. Its been in my head for a long time. But before i jump into the benefits let’s talk about what it is (in case you don’t know a lot about it) and why it works so well (and naturally) with your body.

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What is CBD?

To put it simple, because i know that a lot you think CBD comes from the plant marijuana, IT DOES NOT. Most CBD products in the market right now are made from the hemp plant which has very low levels of THC (the part that makes you feel high). Taking CBD will not get you high and is completely legal to use in the United States due to it not having any psychoactive components. Unfortunately, this awesome product was kept away from us for a very long time, for many reasons which i am not going to discuss within this article but FYI their are tons of great YouTube videos you can look up to learn more about cannabis history.

Something else i must tell you is that the hemp which we use to extract CBD, is also the same plant we use for hemp cooking oil, hemp seeds, hemp clothing, hemp paper etc. Hemp has been around for many uses and is pretty darn safe overall.

How does hemp derived CBD work in the body?

The very first thing to know is that endocannabinoids are a complete natural thing that already exists within our bodies. It’s nothing new to our intelligent bodies but overtime this system has been declining or should i say it is not in the same shape as it used to be.

There are two CBD receptors within our bodies: CB1 and CBD2 receptors. These are everywhere inside! An easy way to understand the receptors is to think of CB1 for the brain and CB2 for the body (immune system and inflammatory system). Interestingly, CBD does not affect either but instead influences your body to create more natural endocannabinoids within your body.

The Benefits of CBD for Mace Athletes and Students

Please keep in mind that these are benefits specific to using CBD as a supplement for training. Their are tons of other benefits to CBD that i won’t be able to discuss here so make sure you go out and dig a little deeper to find out even more CBD facts.

So what are some benefits of taking a CBD for mace training specifically? Let’s get into that right meow!

1) Great for Inflammation

We talk about it all the time. Mace is safe and you shouldn’t be getting injured from mace training but like any other fitness modality we are going to give our bodies some form of stress (the good kind) or give our bodies some sort of normal inflammation on a daily basis. For those that are training with really heavy gadas, taking some kind of CBD product will benefit you tremendously.

CBD is anti-inflammatory. It will prevent injuries and will help to reduce inflammation you might already have. You can ingest CBD in pill, tincture or gummy form -OR- even buy the topical products to apply it directly to areas that need love.

2) Reduces Your Pain

So let’s say you do have an injury or some kind of pain from previous training. CBD will not mask your pain, when taken in the long run it will allow your body to do the work and eventually heal what is going on (and hopefully you are taking the time to also figure out what you might be doing to experience such pain and injuries). Now, CBD is not a miracle cure but when taken over the long run, in the right dosage, you can expect some serious results AND you can say goodbye to your favorite painkillers. Remember that this shit is natural and you can’t expect it to work right away, give it some time and let go of instant gratification.

3) Get your mind ready for Performance

Let’s just be real, mace competitions are becoming “a thing” and with the growth of mace training we will see more events and competitions throughout the U.S. and beyond. CBD can help with many of our made up anxieties and boost our mace performance overall for “game day” as they say. CBD will not slow you down unless you take very large dosages, which you shouldn’t be taking unless you have a really big chronic condition. In the right amounts you will get greater results for relaxing the mind and body.

4) Weight Loss

If you have some weight loss goals to hit with your mace training taking CBD can help with controlling your appetite. It’s funny cause when we think about CBD, we think of marijuana which leads us over to believe that it would make us hungry but recently we have seen the opposite effect with CBD.

On another note, we have to remember that CBD has the power to reduce our anxiety, alleviate depression and calm us. This is great to keep our everyday ridiculous cortisol levels down. Remember high cortisol levels are no good and can keep us from losing weight! All of this combined can help aid with weight loss.

5 Recommended CBD Brands for Mace Training

When choosing a CBD product you’d want to make sure you are buying a high quality extract so that it can give you the benefits i mentioned above. A great way to know is to check out their product lab results and product reviews. Not all products are made equal and i want to help you get your hands on a great good product!

CBDistillery – $ Budget Friendly Price

This CBD company was founded by a group of Colorado natives and provides several products to choose from. They recently have been teaming up with athletes to provide CBD packages that are more “athlete” specific. You should check out their free CBD e-book since it is packed with way more information on CBD than this article and can help you make a decision on whether or not to take CBD in the first place.

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CBDfx – $ Budget Friendly Price

CBDfx is another great company that sells high quality CBD products.This brand and company with an office located in California and the UK. They will give you 30 day money back guarantee and up to 1 year warranty on products. If you search through their website you will also see endless amounts of great reviews. Because you are here! Enter this code “CBDAR10” to get 10% off any CBD product over at CBDfx.

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Jambo Superfoods – $$$ Higher Range Price

Family owned with the full spectrum of hemp! You can’t go wrong with Jambo. This company is pretty rad since they have unique CBD products such as their CBD Spray and Daily Ritual CBD/GHEE/MCT oil! Sounds pretty damn delicious to me.

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Floyds of Leadville – $$$ HIgher Range Price

These products are much more expensive than the others but they have an awesome CBD recovery protein and cream that is highly worth it. As you can tell this company is making product specifically for athletes which makes them important to try if you want some serious gains in mace training. You can learn more about the founder of the product, Floyd Landis on the website, he has a pretty damn good story that you don’t wanna miss reading.

Click here to get to the Floyds of Leadville Website.

HIFI Supplements – $$$ Higher Range Price

I’m gonna be honest on this one, i literally found HIFI through instagram and it caught my attention right away. Why? Simply cause it’s the only product i have seen that is great for recovery and includes CBD and BCAA’s! I was so fucking excited to see a product  like this in the market.

Click here to visit HIFI Supplements Website.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as i enjoyed writing it. Like i said at the beginning i had been waiting for the opportunity to write about it and honestly, it feels like it was the perfect time to do so. To learn more about CBD products and their benefits please visit any of the companies above! They have a lot of info to provide to you and of course amazing products to help you train better! Remember that you only have one body to live in, you might as well take care of it. I personally think you would benefits from CBD as an a mace athlete or student BUT we all have to give it try and see if it works for our own body. Give it try! See if it’s something that would benefit you on an individual level.