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Use These 5 Tips to Add Cannabis to Your Wellness Routine

As cannabis becomes increasingly normalized in our society, many people are discovering ways to use this helpful plant ally as an aid to health and wellness routines. Whether you’re simply looking to lose weight, stay focused during workouts, or adapt to a paleo diet, there’s ways that cannabis can support you while you work towards becoming the best version of yourself!

As this blog has previously discussed, supplementing our bodies’ endogenous cannabinoids can lead to better performance, while adhering to a paleo diet enables that endocannabinoid system to function at its best. But what might a weed-fueled fitness routine look like in real life, and would it really get results? Combining regular cannabis use with a high-fat, low-carb diet and a challenging workout routine can lead to physical transformations and better performance, as experienced by two industry professionals, Addison DeMoura and Kevin Muise.

Formerly a marketing rep at Raw Rolling Papers, Muise has become an online mentor to those in the cannabis community seeking fitness and diet advice, which he generously doles out on Facebook.

A week of Kevin’s workouts includes yoga twice or three times per week, three days of heavy lifting, a climbing session and a day for mobility and abs. Combined with ketogenesis and intermittent fasting, Muise has lost 4.5% body fat and 17 pounds over the past seven months, writing “I believe in the quality of life one can achieve with the proper diet, fitness, and cannabis. Now that I’ve found my full system, I feel better than ever, am healthier than ever, and some might say I even look better than ever.”

Credit: @errlripper on Instagram

Never feel deprived with a paleo diet! Pork chops, purple cabbage and roasted grapes offer a colorful twist that’s nutritious and satisfying.

Addison DeMoura, one of the original founders of Steep Hill Labs and currently head of business development at Advanced Nutrients, is also known for his dab-fueled workout routines and heathy paleo meals that have served as inspiration for his many followers. Going by the handle @errlripper on Instagram, DeMoura devised the 100/5 method, as in, 100 push-ups followed by five dabs.

Using cannabis as a reward allows for greater resolve to reach fitness goals, but be advised that beginners should work up to 100 push-ups just as you should work up to taking five dabs in a row!

Check out these five tips from Addison and Kevin for integrating cannabis into a fitness routine:

Use cannabis before a workout to help focus.

Kevin: Doing two or three sativa dabs helps me focus on the workout ahead of me, while helping me be mindful of my breath.

Addison: I get everything together first, and I get water ready, then three shots of espresso and five big dabs.

Post-workout, use CBD to relax and reduce inflammation.

Kevin: Before my post-workout shower, I like to consume CBD as well as one or two indica dabs of indica. The CBD mitigates muscle soreness, so when I’m not in the gym, I don’t have to worry about the fallout from pushing my body so hard.

Credit: @errlripper on Instagram

Delicious turkey burger in a lettuce wrap accompanied by sweet potato fries.

Eat a high-fat, low-carb diet to support your endocannabinoid system.

Kevin: Ketogenics is a low carb, high fat diet. I restrict carbohydrate intake to less than 50 grams per day, typically consuming 20 to 30 grams. I also do intermittent fasting at 16/8, which means I do not eat for 16 hours per day, and I consume everything within an 8 hour window, typically between 1pm and 9pm. Following this program means I only eat two meals a day, which are rather large, and I never snack, all while feeling full, or satiated, all the time. I essentially avoid processed foods, fried foods, and carbohydrates, and anything sweetened with sugar.

Addison: I eat paleo, and I fast until 12 – 1pm every day, and stop eating around 8 – 9pm. No bread, sugar or carbs on the regular. My diet is 40% protein, 40% fat and 20% carbs, and I don’t have a cheat day.

Keep healthy snacks around in case the munchies strike!

Kevin: Favorite meals include eggs and nitrate-free bacon with a whole avocado, and some days I will make Bulletproof style coffee. Typically I have a salad for dinner with a low carb dressing, and a piece of protein such as salmon, steak, or pork with some sort of vegetable. I love roasted Brussels sprouts drizzled with truffle oil!

Addison: My must-have snacks include Primal Foods collagen chocolate shakes, coconut yogurt, seeds, nuts, coconut shreds and jerky. I love eggs and porkchops with kimchi.

Choose cannabis over alcohol to relieve stress and aid sleep.

Kevin: My cannabis consumption decreases stress and helps me sleep, both things that are incredibly important for healthy living.

Addison: I’m a sucker for bone marrow broth! I do dabs over snacks and follow with plenty of water.

As more people learn the benefits of adding cannabis to a rigorous workout routine and healthy diet, Jambo Superfoods will continue to provide nutritious, cannabis-infused foods such as CBD “Daily Ritual” ghee, which fits perfectly into the high-fat, low-carb diet that your body craves!

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