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8 Ideas for a Nightly Routine

After running around all day in a mental overdrive, you can slow down and focus on what matters the most: a bedtime routine. Creating a bedtime routine is not only beneficial to yourself, it designates time just for you each night to cater to yourself. Put your body in a relaxed state and trust me, by the time you’re finished, your body should feel relaxed and ready for lights out! 

8 Ideas for a Nightly Routine 


Set an Alarm to Signal Preparing for bed

Start your bedtime routine at a consistent time each night. This will not only help you stick to your daily routine, but your body will start to automatically relax each night when it is time for bed. With a successful nighttime routine, that morning alarm won’t bring as much dred when it goes off! 


Lower the Lights and turn that temperature down! 

The circadian rhythm regulates the body’s temperature which is normally around 98.6 degrees. By lowering the thermostat to a lower temperature, your body will fall into a better sleep. The body will adapt to the lower room temperature which will cause you to feel drowsy and eventually fall asleep! 65º has been proven as an optimal sleeping temperature. 


Wash off stress in the shower or bath

Taking a shower or bath before bed also helps to lower the body’s temperature and encourage a healthy sleep. Even if you prefer to take a morning shower or bath, think of it as a way to wash off the day. In the mornings we are often rushed by the feeling of having a million things to complete, so why not take a shower at night to allow yourself time to reflect on the day and put yourself in a relaxed state of mind before heading to bed. 


After that much needed bath or shower, don’t forget to put on Jambo Superfoods CBD Lip Balm in eucalyptus mint! Made with the same high quality standards that you expect from a lip balm, the all-natural ingredients will heal dry and cracked lips while you sleep. 


Turn off electronic devices before bed

Screens, phones, laptops etc. are always hard to put down for the night, but unfortunately, our screens emit a blue light that stimulates the body’s internal clock, keeping your mind and body buzzing long after it is time to sleep. 


Reduce anxiety with a short to-do list

Creating a to-do list prevents the mind from worrying about tomorrow’s tasks. By writing down all the small things that come to mind that make us feel like we have a million things to do, this will help relax your mind. Organizing your thoughts into a list will help to organize all your future responsibilities and allows you to release that built up anxiety. When you wake up the next morning, you will already have an itinerary to start your busy day! 


Jot down your thoughts in a journal 

Journaling is good for mental health by reducing stress by jotting down all the intrusive thoughts that enter your mind. You don’t need to write a novel, but you can take time to address thoughts, emotions, events or ideas. Grab a pen and let it flow for at least 10 to 15 minutes. 


Relax your body with a quick foam roll or yoga session 

Foam rolling and yoga decelerate the mind and body, bringing you to a relaxed state by relieving tension and cleaning thoughts. 


Foam rolling, also known as a myofascial release (trigger point therapy), can reduce muscle soreness and stiffness and reduce pain. Similar to a massage, foam rolling uses your body weight to relax tight muscles and increase blood flow. 


Yoga is the ultimate grounding practice. Don’t worry if you aren’t the most flexible person because poses like downward-facing dog and cat-cow will push unwanted stress out of our lower backs, legs and shoulders to improve quality of sleep. 


After your much needed yoga or foam-rolling session, try using Jambo Superfoods CBD Muscle Balm. This muscle relaxant comes in either 100mg or 200mg + menthol that is made from all-natural ingredients with therapeutic essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, beeswax, cocoa butter, grass-fed ghee, coconut oil, immortelle, camphor and marjoram. This muscle balm is optimized for treatment of your average everyday aches, pains and muscle spasms which is an ideal complement to yoga and foam-rolling. 


Top off the night with something warm to drink 

Drinking a warm cup of tea or your favorite beverage can warm you up and get you in the mood for a cozy night’s sleep. Chamomile tea for instance, has been used for centuries as a way to treat sleep disorders. 


For an additional dose of relaxation add Jambo Superfoods CBD Drops. Our drops come in either 300mg, 900mg or 1500mg as well as six different flavor options: unflavored, mint, licorice, cinnamon, tropical or cola. 

Don’t stress, a nighttime routine takes time, but the more you dedicate yourself to successfully implementing one, the more relaxed and efficient your days will be! Don’t forget to add in my favorite Jambo Superfoods products! Trust me, they will drastically change your nighttime routine for the better! 


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