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January Detox: How to Kick-Start The New Year er

January is the time for self care and with the New Year quickly approaching, many of us are looking for fast and easy ways to kick-start the year off with detox tips. There has never been a better time to indulge in some natural ways to cleanse your body and restore your healthy, sensible balance after the excess of the holidays.

So, beat the winter blues and recover from all of the festivities and over-indulgences with these fast ways to detox.

How to guide for the perfect detox

  1. Drink more water
    It sounds stupidly simple but during the holidays you tend to move away from water and move toward alcoholic and soft drink beverages. Not drinking enough water can inhibit weight loss, cause dehydration which will cause your body to not detoxify properly.

For those of you who are not keen on the taste of tap water, try adding lemons, cucumbers, or even other fruits such as berries to help elevate the taste and deliver a zesty hit of hydration when you need it!

2. Incorporate exercise
When the winter months quickly approach and the cold, dry air overtakes the weather, no one wants to go outside and workout. In order to kick-start your New Year detox, incorporating exercise into your daily routine is essential.

Exercise such as yoga, swimming, zumba classes and even at home virtual workouts are perfect ways to change your daily routine that will ultimately benefit you immensely.

3. Soup!
A great way to cheer yourself up on these cold, dark winter nights and sometimes even days, is to cook up some delicious, warm and comforting soup. This is a great way to incorporate more vegetables into your diet and offset the temptations of snacking on those sugar filled sweets and salty munchies!

Vegetables are also an important source of many nutrients the body needs including potassium, dietary fiber and vitamins! Make sure to add your favorite Jambo CBD Drops to your soup to enhance your soup in a positive way.

4. Green tea
If, like us, you struggle to live without coffee or tea in the mornings or during nights you need to work late, then this one might be a good fit for you. Try switching out a couple of your cups a day for a cup of green tea.
Widely considered to be one of the healthiest beverages, green tea is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that are great for detoxifying your body to eventually get yourself back on track.

5. Jambo
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